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The Garden featured in the Daily Bruin

The Garden was featured in the Daily Bruin, UCLA's own newspaper! Daily Bruin staff covered Botany of the Holidays, where over 50 attendees gathered to learn about kumquats, toyon and cempoalxóchitl, or Aztec marigolds, while enjoying…

Toyon Preserves Recipe

Learn all about toyon, a California native plant that’s also called the Christmas berry, and check out our recipe for two different flavors of seasonally spiced preserves! Click here to get the recipe.               Toyon…

Los Angeles Landscape History Report

The Garden’s Herbarium Curator, Dr. Anthony Baniaga, contributed to a report that brought together geographers, historians, biologists, and representatives of the Chumash, Tataviam, and Gabrieleño tribes to understand historical landscapes…

Clarkia Festival Art Show Announcement

  Do you make art inspired by nature or biodiversity? The Clarkia Festival on May 18, 2024 will celebrate the diversity of the Clarkia genus. These flowers, represented in our new logo, will be in full bloom during the festival. Look…

December 15, 2017 – Dombeya wallichii

It's Winter and the our beautiful Dombeya wallichii, commonly called the pink ball tree, has just started blooming.

November 2017

The Pink Lady with it's striking cluster of ruby flowers brightens up the garden.  This is dummy text

Late December 2016

Here's a pretty yellow flower that is blooming near the desert plants area of the garden.  This is just dummy text, please ignore