Current Staff

Garden Staff

Garden Director: Dr. Victoria Sork

Herbarium Director: Dr. Phil Rundel

Chief Financial Officer: Brian Rubke

Assistant Garden Director: Evan P. Meyer

Senior Garden Manager: Joan Muench

Visitor Services Coordinator: Jules Cooch

Horticulturists: John Cluff, Paul Galuska, Michael Thompson, Henry Varney

Plant Records Manager: Dr. Sophie Katz

Herbarium Collections Manager: Dr. Tom Huggins

Administrative Assistant: Leslie Newmeyer

Horticultural Intern: Ashley Franke

Open Positions

Nursery Research Technician (Part-Time)

The Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden (MEMBG) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) seeks a Nursery Technician (NT). This position will be a one year (twelve month), part time (14 hours per week) term appointment beginning as soon as possible. The NT will work three shifts per week (two five hour and one four hour shift). They will be responsible for the day to day work involved with horticultural trials of plant introductions from winter rainfall regions of South Africa. The position will include typical nursery responsibilities, such as propagating, watering, weeding, pest monitoring and production as well as work on the grounds with maintenance and care of South African plants in the Mediterranean Ecosystems and South African Succulents gardens. In addition to hands on plant care duties, the NT will spend a portion of their time recording data on the plant health, growth, and horticultural care. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is passionate about horticulture and botany to learn about South African plants while evaluating potential plant introductions for California gardens. To apply go to and apply to Job Requisition #30692. Check out the Job Description here.

Volunteer Positions

We have opportunities for volunteers as gardeners, docents leading guided tours, and as Herbarium technicians. Learn more about volunteer positions here.


We offer unpaid or externally funded internships on a case by case basis. Interns are expected to devote a minimum of eight hours per week for at least four months. We expect higher level projects to be completed during the course of the internship. If you are interested in interning please fill out this form.