Zantedeschia aethiopica 1m tall shrubs - in Terasaki interior court
Yucca gigantea tall yuccas - on S wall of Rolfe Hall
Xylosma congestum trees - at NE corner of Royce
Woodwardia fimbriata fern, bipinnatifid fronds - W side of Marion Davies
Wisteria sinensis vines - over parking entrances Weyburn Terrace Appts, eg,Olive & Magnolia Courts
Westringia hybrid 1/2 m shrubs, small lvs whorled on square stems - NW of Murphy Hall on walk
Westringia fruticosa cv 'Morning Light' 1m shrubs, variegated - N side of Pauley, E end, also W side Morgan
Washingtonia robusta grove of tall palms - on W side of Semel Institute
Washingtonia filifera grove of 9 thick-trunked palms - at fountain on SE corner of Medical Plaza 300 Bldg
Vitis hybrid cv 'Roger's Red', vine on wall - W side Schoenberg near Ostin
Vitex lucens multi-trunk tree, compound lvs - on W side of Guest House
Vitex agnus-castus four 2-3m deciduous trees - along N wall of IPAM, Portola Plaza Bldg
Vinca minor low groundcover, opp lvs, blue fls - at NW corner Engineering V
Vinca major dense trailing herb, blue fls - bed on S side of Boyer
Vigna caracalla long, tall vining hedge - on W side of Lab School 1 playground fence
Vicia villosa sprawling vine, narrow compound leaflets, purple fls - Sage Hill
Viburnum tinus ½ m shrubs, clusters of tiny white fls - at west entrance to Geology Bldg
Viburnum suspensum several 1-2m hedges - in the interior of Court of Sciences
Viburnum odoratissimum 1-2m shrubs, 12cm lvs, fragrant fls - along Veteran near Gayley
Umbellularia californica row of small trees along N and S edges of Switzer Plaza lawn
Ulmus parvifolia large deciduous tree - S side of Janss Steps
Tulbaghia violacea herb, lavender fls - N side Southern Regional Library Facility
Tropaeolum majus prostrate sprawling vine, orange fls - near stream N of Collins
Trifolium repens lawn herb - Wilson Plaza lawn
Triadica sebifera small deciduous tree, poplar-like lvs - above steps from, Rieber down to Delta
Tradescantia(Setcreasea) pallida 40cm herb, purple lvs, pink 3-petal fls - court on W side of Medical Plaza 200 Bldg
Tradescantia fluminensis low herb, succulent stems, white 3-petal fls - E of Stone Canyon Creek
Trachycarpus fortunei rows of palms - along E side, and along N side, of Capital Programs Bldg
Trachelospermum jasminoides low vines, fragrant white fls - N side of Math-Sciences at sidewalk
Trachelospermum asiaticum cv 'Summer Sunset' vining shrubs, lvs yellow & green - N int crt, Schoenberg
Toxicodendron diversilobum * 1m shrubs - on lower slope near path S of parking lot 10
Tipuana tipu tree, cmpd lvs - on W side of Molecular Sciences
Tibouchina urvilleana shrubs, purple fls - at NW entrance of Franz
Tibouchina heteromalla 1m shrubs, blue fls - on slope E of Sproul Hall
Thymus vulgaris low perennial, 5mm lvs, tiny blue fls - Ackerman S side under Palo Verde
Thunbergia gregorii vines - along stairway between Rieber Court and Sunset Village
Thomasia solanacea 1/2 m shrubs, 7cm deeply toothed hairy lvs - NW corner of Ostin Music Ctr
Thevetia(Cascabela) peruviana shrubs - on Gayley, W of De Neve Gardenia
Teucrium fruticans 1m shrubs, gray lvs, white undersides, blue fls - hillside E of parking lot 10
Tetrastigma voinierianum vine - on block wall on S side of Semel
Tecomaria(Tecoma) capensis shrubs, orange fls - S side of stairway from Rieber down to Delta
Tecoma stans 1m shrubs, serrate compound lvs - S side of Bunche Hall
Taxus baccata cv 'Fastigiata(Stricta)' two 8' columnar trees - W entrance Kaufman
Taxodium huegelii(mucronatum) several large trees - along Stone Canyon Creek, W of Anderson
Tagetes lemmonii 1-2m shrubs, cmpd fragrant lvs, yellow fls - NW Switzer Plaza above lawn
Syzygium paniculatum two trees - SW of UCLA Extension on Levering at Le Conte
Symphoricarpos mollis 1/2 m shrubs, round lvs, white berries - base of slope W of Mullin
Syagrus romanzoffiana palm grove - in interior courtyard on S side of Mathematical Sciences
Strelitzia reginae monocot herb - W of Moore Hall above Kerckhoff Terrace
Strelitzia nicolai tall herb, hard stems - in the court between Geology and Franz Hall
Stenocarpus sinuatus 3 large trees - on SE side of Semel
Stachys byzantina low herb, gray woolly lvs - under Olive trees on E side of Luskin Ctr
Spathodea campanulata tree - on N side of Biomedical Sciences, E end
Spathiphyllum hybrid herb, ribbed lvs, 15cm white spath - E wall of court on W side of 200 Med Plaza Bldg
Solanum xanti shrubs, blue fls - on hillside E of parking lot 10
Solanum mauritianum 4m tree, large felted lvs - on Sunset E of SV parking
Solanum douglasii 1/2 -1m herb, white fls - along stream N of Collins
Solandra maxima vine - Faculty Center on inside of W wall
Sisyrinchium californicum 30cm herb, narrow grass-like lvs, 6-petal yellow fls - Engineering VI, E side
Sisyrinchium bellum ½m grass-like herb, blue fls, yellow stamens - Engineering VI, W & E sides
Sesleria autumnalis clump grass, erect stems - W & E sides of Engineering VI
Sequoia sempervirens grove of large trees - in Court on W side of Law
Senecio sp 1/2m shrub, small linear lvs, yellow ray-less fls - SE entrance to CHS Parking
Senecio cineraria 1/2 m herb, lobed white foliage, sm yellow fls - E side of Bradley at street
Sedum rupestre low herb, yellow succulent spiky lvs; NE entrance to Parking 8 on Strathmore
Sedum morganianum trailing stems of small fleshy lvs - in pots on E side of Luskin Ctr
Sedum decumbens low herb, small succulent lvs - S side of Strathmore at Parking 8
Sedum adolphii trailing stems with rosettes of yellow fleshy lvs - SW of Bunche Hall
Schinus terebinthifolius tree - E side of Young Hall
Schinus molle Six trees - behind bus shelter on Weyburn, between Sycamore and Olive Courts
Schefflera pueckleri tree - on steps down to Schoenberg SE entrance
Schefflera elegantissima shrub, dense toothed foliage - pot inside Bradley Hall on stairs
Schefflera arboricola 1m shrubs - on W side of Gold Hall
Schefflera actinophylla trees - on S side of Young Research Library in well near entrance
Scaevola aemula herb mats - planter near SW corner of Covel Commons
Sarcococca ruscifolia 1m shrubs, white fls, red to black berries - N side of Humanities, E of NE entrance
Sansevieria trifasciata 1m herb, erect 8cm wide strap lvs - E end of Factor Bldg courtyard
Sambucus nigra 1-2m shrubs, tiny white fls - Engineering VI, W side
Salvia spathacea herb, lvs lobed at base - SE of Tennis Ctr under tall pine trees
Salvia officinalis * 1/2 m herb, narrow aromatic lvs, blue fls - S side Reagan Hospital
Salvia microphylla -Hot Lips- 1 m shrubs - along steps W from Bradley down to Gayley
Salvia mellifera aromatic shrubs, purple fls - Sage Hill area E of parking lot 10
Salvia leucantha shrubs, 25cm blue/white flower spikes - S side Weyburn Commons
Salvia hybrid cv 'Bee's Bliss', low shrubs, grayish lvs, blue fls; Switzer Plaza, S side
Salvia clevelandii 1 m shrubs, balls of blue fls - S & W sides of Ostin Basketball Ctr
Salvia chiapensis 1m shrubs, 7cm lvs - W side of Aloe Court, Weyburn Terrace
Salvia apiana 1m shrubs, thick white stems & whitish lvs - E side of EngineeringVI
Salix lasiolepis * 2m trees - S side Reagan Hospital, behind benches
Russelia equisetiformis 1/2 m reedy shrub, red fls - S side Weyburn Palm Court
Ruellia hybrid low sprawling shrubs - in planters in court W of Geology
Rubus ursinus sprawling thorny shrubs - in field on N side of Collins, W of Anderson
Rosmarinus officinalis shrubs - on N side of Broad
Rosa hybrid shrubs - along W side Physics-Astronomy
Rosa californica 1m deciduous prickly-stemmed shrub, pink fls - Engineering VI, W side
Roldana petasitis 1m shrubs, purple stems, 20cm velvety lvs, yellow daisy fls - N side of Ostin
Ricinus communis large-leafed shrubs - hillside area E and S of parking lot 10
Ribes viburnifolium low shrubs, erect red stems - S of CHS Parking entrance from Le Conte
Ribes speciosum spiny-stemmed shrubs, red hanging fls - E side Ostin Music Ctr
Ribes indecorum 1/2 m shrubs, 2cm lobed lvs, white tubular fls - N side Engineering VI
Ribes aureum 1/2 m shrubs, small 3-lobed lvs, yellow fls - Ackerman S side along steps
Rhus(Searsia) lancea small trees - in planter boxes along E side of Delta Terrace
Rhus integrifolia shrubs - on N side of garden at SE corner of Molecular Sciences Bldg
Rhus aromatica 1 m deciduous shrub, trifoliate lvs - NW of Mullin (Anderson)
Rhopalostylis sapida 'shaving-brush' palm - at S end of Bunche Hall Interior Court
Rhododendron hybrid shrubs - in Sculpture Garden, S side
Rhapis humilis multi-stemmed fan palm - in CHS Dentistry Count, far SE corner
Rhapis excelsa small palms - at NE corner of the SE wing of Hedrick Hall
Rhaphiolepis indica hedge - on E side of Schoenberg
Rhamnus ilicifolia 3m trees, spiny margin lvs; NE of Family Pool, Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr
Rauvolfia samarensis *2 large trees - at S end (and N end) of Dentistry Court, CHS
Quercus virginiana cv 'Cathedral' 4m trees; NE of Luskin Conference Center
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Quercus lobata * deciduous tree - in raised planter at NE corner of Kerckhoff
Quercus agrifolia line of trees - along W side of Student Activities Ctr
Pyrus kawakamii broad tree, dark bark - on S side of James West Alumni Ctr
Pyrus calleryana seven deciduous trees - on terrace on S side of Delta Terrace
Pyracantha hybrid shrubs - on E side of Guest House along Hilgard
Psoralea pinnata 2-3m shrubs, soft needle foliage, blue fls - Schoenberg W side
Psidium sartorianum tree - at NE corner of enclosed court on E side of Marion Davies
Psidium guajava 4m tree, square stems, opp 15cm lvs - NW corner parking 36 on Veteran
Prunus lyonii small tree, lvs with smooth margins, white fls - E across street from Law
Prunus laurocerasus 2m shrubs, 15cm lvs, white fls - W side of Anderson North Lawn
Prunus ilicifolia small trees, round, spiny-edged lvs, white fls - Sage Hill slope
Prunus cerasifera atropurpurea trees - on N side of Hitch D, near entrance
Prunus caroliniana 5m trees, 1cm blue fruit - W side of Geffen Hall
Potentilla indica low herb, trifoliate lvs, yellow fls - bed SW of Covel Commons
Portulacaria afra Succulent shrub, small lvs - Sage Hill
Polystichum munitum 1/2m pinnate narrow-frond ferns - behind bench on E side of Engineering VI
Polygala fruticosa row of shrubs - Canyon Point interior courtyard
Podocarpus macrophyllus hedge - on N side of the court on W side of Haines
Podocarpus henkelii tree - on E side of Faculty Ctr
Podocarpus elongatus -Monmal- 2m trees, 6cm bluish lvs - along E side of Medical Plaza 100 Bldg
Plumeria rubra tree with long lvs, red fls - on S side of Gold Hall
Plumbago auriculata shrubs - Gayley, at bus shelter W of De Neve Gardenia
Pleioblastus pygmaeus running bamboo, 1/2m woody stems - Geffen Hall interior courtyard
Plectranthus scutellarioides herb, colorful lvs - on patio on W side of Medical Plaza 200 Bldg
Plectranthus neochilus low herb, round lvs, blue fls - Schoenberg mid interior courtyard
Plectranthus forsteri 1/2 m herb, 12cm velvety triangular lvs, yellow margins - Ostin N side
Plecostachys serpyllifolia 1/2 m shrubs, white stems, 1cm round fuzzy grayish lvs - Ostin Music Ctr W of Cafe
Platycladus orientalis five large conifers - on S side of Hershey
Platanus x acerifolia(hispanica) trees - W side of Fowler Museum
Platanus racemosa row of trees - along edge of campus on Sunset from Hilgard to Royce Dr
Plantago major broad-leaved herb, lawn weed - NE side of Law Bldg
Pittosporum viridiflorum 10m tree, pale bark with white dots - in NW interior courtyard of Schoenberg
Pittosporum undulatum trees - S side of parking structure CHS/MC, near Le Conte
Pittosporum tobira trees - at SW corner of Perloff
Pittosporum tenuifolium shrubs, dark brown stems - SW corner, Weyburn Paseo
Pittosporum rhombifolium *tree - at SE corner of Royce
Pittosporum phillyraeoides a spindly tree, narrow lvs - on N side of Rieber Terrace
Pistacia chinensis two deciduous trees, compound lvs - on W side of Hedrick Summit
Piptochaetium fimbriatum small clump grass, open seedhead of 1-floret spikelets - Ostin Music Ctr
Pinus thunbergii cv 'Thunderhead' 2 small pines - on W side of Reed Neurological Research Ctr
Pinus roxburghii large pine trees, thick cone scales - parking 2, mid E side near structure
Pinus radiata tree - E side of Young Dr East, across from SE corner of Law
Pinus pinea young 3m trees; SW of Geffen at CHS parking entrance
Pinus patula four red-barked pines, drooping needles - Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr, NW of Park pool
Pinus halepensis * on W side of Powell at top of steps
Pinus canariensis * S of Research Library, another labeled tree S side of Bunche
Phyllostachys nigra trimmed bamboo, black stems - NW corner Jacaranda Court, Weyburn
Phyllostachys bambusoides tall bamboo, dark green stems - W side Weyburn Paseo
Phyllostachys aureosulcata tall bamboo, 5cm green stems with yellow grooves - E side of parking structure DD
Photinia x fraseri hedge - on both sides of S entrance to Powell Library
Phormium tenax 2m sword-like lvs, 8cm wide - SW corner of Rolfe Yard
Phoenix roebelenii two small palms - under larger palms, W of Warren Hall
Phoenix reclinata multi-trunk palm - Rolfe N side
Phoenix dactylifera 3m palm - at SW corner of Kerckhoff between Tabebuias
Phoenix canariensis four large palms - Weyburn Terrace NW of Warren Hall
Phlomis fruticosa ½ m shrubs, woolly lvs, yellow fls - NW Switzer Plaza
Philodendron xanadu groundcover - along N side (Strathmore Place side) of parking structure 8
Philodendron bipinnatifidum leafy shrub - at W entrance to Faculty Center
Persicaria(Polygonum) capitata low herb, dark chevron on lvs - NW corner Delta Terrace
Persea americana small tree - on slope at NW corner of Delta Terrace at Herb Garden
Peritoma arborea 1m shrub, trifoliate lvs, yellow fls - SW of Engineering VI near street
Penstemon hybrid herb, narrow opposite lvs, red tubular fls - W side of Medical Plaza 100 Bldg
Pennisetum spathiolatum bunch grass, arching stems - S side of Ostin Music Ctr
Pennisetum setaceum 1m grass, 15cm fluffy seed-heads - NE corner Factor Bldg
Pelargonium x peltatum groundcover, pink single fls - Crt of Sciences planter below Ginkgo
Pelargonium x hortorum 1/2m herb, purple fls - Math-Sciences, below W side entrance
Pelargonium tomentosum 25cm herb, woolly lvs, small white fls - W side of Ostin Music Ctr
Passiflora quadrangularis vine, broad non-lobed lvs, 10cm blue fls - Reagan Hospital, S side, top of steps
Passiflora caerulea vine - on chain-link fence on W side of Hitch
Paspalum vaginatum dense turfgrass - on upper deck, Court of Sciences Student Ctr
Parthenocissus tricuspidata deciduous vine - E wall of Fowler Amphitheater
Parthenocissus quinquefolia vine - steps from Med Plaza 200 Bldg to Ueberroth
Parthenocissus henryana vine, cmpd lvs maroon below - W side of Schoenberg on wall
Parkinsonia x -Desert Museum- small tree closer to P. aculeata parent - S side of Sproul Commons
Pandorea jasminoides shrubby vine, variegated lvs - N of De Neve Evergreen
Oxalis pes-caprae herb - under Eucalypts at S end of parking lot 10
Oxalis oregana low herb, trifoliate lvs purple beneath - N side Engineering VI along steps
Osteospermum hybrid groundcover herb, bright daisy fls - NE of Geology on street
Osmanthus heterophyllus 1m shrubs, spiny, variegated lvs - N side of Moore
Osmanthus fragrans two shrubs, 1.5 m - on NW corner of Mullin (Anderson)
Opuntia littoralis low cactus - Sage Hill S of parking lot 10
Opuntia basilaris 1/2 m cactus, both pink and yellow fls - on roof of Court of Sciences Student Ctr
Ophiopogon planiscapus low herb, narrow black lvs - raised planter on W side of Covel Commons
Ophiopogon japonicus 25cm clumps of dark grass-like lvs - NE corner of De Neve Evergreen
Ophiopogon jaburan cv 'Variegata', lily-like groundcover - near benches in Franz-Geology court
Olmediella betschleriana *three dense trees - at Research Library NE corner across form Sculpture Garden
Olea europaea row of 7 trees - on S side of Bunche
Oenothera berlandieri herb with big showy fls - SW corner of Rolfe
Nolina microcarpa stemless clump, narrow lvs, curly-thread tips - roof of Court Sci. Student Ctr
Nicotiana glauca 2m shrubs - along Stone Cyn Creek W of Anderson
Umbellularia californica row of small trees along N and S edges of Switzer Plaza lawn
Nephrolepis exaltata large fern, arching narrow fronds - in pot on N side of Canyon Pt
Nephrolepis cordifolia 1m ferns, narrow erect fronds - NW end of Terasaki interior courtyard
Nassella tenuissima clump grass - garden on SE corner of Molecular Sciences, especially along E side
Nassella cernua 1/2m grass, very long thin awns - SW of Engineering VI at road
Nandina domestica 1m shrubs, clusters of tiny white fls - along E wall of Ashe Center
Myrtus communis trimmed 1m hedges - under palms along both sides of Rieber Court
Myrica californica columnar shrubs, 3 x 1 cm lvs - at S end of Math-Sciences breezeway
Myoporum parvifolium probably cv 'Putah Creek', low groundcover - on N and on E sides of Terasaki
Murraya paniculata hedge, small compound lvs - Boelter Hall entrance at SE corner
Muhlenbergia rigens tall grass, without awns, bristles - Molecular Sciences SE corner garden
Muhlenbergia dumosa bushy grass, 10cm wispy narrow lvs - N side Ostin
Muhlenbergia capillaris 1m grass, pink airy seed heads; SE end of bed E of Luskin Conf. Ctr
Muehlenbeckia complexa sprawling vine, dark wiry stems, small lvs - SE corner, Ostin
Morus alba Seedlings, lobed lvs - NW of SRLF near fence to Veteran
Monstera deliciosa large-leafed vine - on N wall on N side of entrance bldg, Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr
Monardella villosa ow shrub, opposite ovate lvs, long petals - Engineering VI, W & E sides
Miscanthus sinensis cv`'Adagio', narrow lvs, center white stripe - Court Sciences Student Ctr
Mirabilis jalapa 1m shrubs, large lvs, tubular red fls - SE entrance to CHS near Dentistry
Mimulus cardinalis 1/2 m herb, 4cm red fls - W and SW of Engineering VI
Mimulus aurantiacus shrubs, dark lvs, gold fls - W side Ostin Music Ctr
Microlepia strigosa bipinnate fern, pinnae serrated - W side of Campbell Hall
Michelia(Magnolia) x alba line of 3 trees - on walk down to lower NW entrance to Humanities
Metrosideros excelsa trees - E side of parking structure 3 at SE corner and at NE entrance
Metasequoia glyptostroboides small deciduous conifers - on street on S side of Terasaki and Hershey
Melaleuca styphelioides large white-barked trees - along Hilgard E of parking structure 2
Melaleuca quinquenervia trees, pale papery bark - SE corner of Saxon H
Melaleuca nesophila small trees - NW corner Straus Tennis Stadium on Young Drive West
Melaleuca linariifolia tall trees - W of Volleyball Crt, W of Family Pool, Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr
Melaleuca incana prostrate woody stems, small gray lvs - W side Ostin under Sycamore
Maytenus boaria pair of trees - at E entrance of Student Activities Ctr
Marah macrocarpus sprawling vine, white fls - Sage Hill slope E of parking lot 10
Malva pseudolavatera tall herbs, large lvs - lower hillside E of parking lot 10
Malus x purpurea 5m tree with purple (aging green) lvs - SW corner of Humanities
Malosma laurina 3m bushes - to E of Chemistry Loading Dock
Malacothrix saxatilis spindly-stemmed herbs - at base of hillside E of Krieger Child Care Ctr
Mahonia lomariifolia 2m shrub, spiny lvs, pale blue fruit - on wall at N entrance to Rolfe
Magnolia(Talauma) hodgsonii tree with large lvs - at Royce NW corner
Magnolia x soulangeana tree with large purple fls before lvs - NW corner of Moore
Magnolia stellata 2m deciduous shrub, white fls, narrow petals & lvs - Canyon Point western interior court
Magnolia hybrid cv 'Vulcan', 4m tree with red fls - on N wall of Kaufman near NE corner
Magnolia grandiflora large tree - at SE corner of Schoenberg
Magnolia doltsopa small tree, 20 x 10cm lvs, fragrant white fls - W side Campbell Hall
Loropetalum chinense rubrum 1m shrubs, new lvs purple turning green - S side of Broad under steps
Lophostemon confertus 3m trees, crowded 10cm lvs - W side of Switzer Plaza
Lonicera japonica vining groundcover - E side of Bradley
Lonicera hildebrandiana Scrambling vine - in well at NE corner of Research Library
Lomandra longifolia variegated cultivar, white-edged lvs - Medical Plaza 100, E side
Lobelia laxiflora 40cm tall, narrow-leafed herb, red fls - mid E side of Law Bldg under Sycamores
Liriope spicata cv 'Silver Dragon' variegated groundcover - on both S and N sides of Strathmore Bldg
Liriope muscari groundcover - at entrance to Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr
Liriodendron tulipifera many trees - in court on S side of Physics-Astronomy Bldg
Liquidambar styraciflua long avenue of deciduous trees - along N side of Biomedical Res. Bldg.
Limonium perezii ½ m herbs with blue fls - bed between Sproul Hall and Delta
Ligustrum lucidum small tree, opposite 8cm lvs - in notched NE corner of Bunche Hall
Ligustrum japonicum hedge - mid E side of Dodd
Leymus condensatus cv 'Canyon Prince', gray-green lvs - Court of Sciences Student Ctr, S end
Leptospermum scoparium 1m shrubs, 10 x 2mm lvs, double red fls - 700 Westwood Plaza, patio on E side
Leptospermum laevigatum two trees - on slope 'behind' (W side of) Canyon Point Residences
Lavandula hybrid 1m stems, blue fls - circular turn-around bed NW of Bradley
Laurus nobilis dark 5m multi-stem trees - E side of Humanities: three on N end, one on S end
Lantana montevidensis low shrubs, purple fls - raised bed S of Dentistry
Lantana camara low shrubs, yellow fls - SW of Faculty Ctr on Westholme Ave
Lampranthus spectabilis mat groundcover, sm fleshy lvs, purple fls - along steps S side Fowler
Lagunaria patersonii line of trees, pink fls - on E side of Law Building
Lagerstroemia x hybrid 'Natchez', 5m multi-trunk trees, white fls - N side of Royce, N of loading dock
Lagerstroemia indica deciduous tree - NE corner of Schoenberg
Koelreuteria paniculata spindly staked trees, cmpd serrated lvs - above Medical Paza parking area
Koelreuteria elegans 2 trees with bipinnate lvs - parking lot on E side of Murphy
Koelreuteria bipinnata tree - on N side of Bruin Walk, W of Powell
Kleinia(Senecio) mandraliscae prostrate blue-green finger-thick lvs - S of Bunche Hall
Kigelia africana large tree - on S side of Murphy Hall
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora herb with round succulent red-edged lvs - in pots at Luskin Ctr entrance
Kalanchoe pumila low succulent, small gray-green lvs, violet fls - Wooden Ctr 2nd floor outside patio
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana yellow flowered succulent - planters on upper level, SW corner of Drake Stadium
Kalanchoe beharensis ½m herb, large undulate lvs - in pots on E side of Luskin Ctr
Justicia brandegeana low shrubs - N side Franz at entrance steps
Juniperus squamata cv 'Blue Star' low mounding conifer, blue foliage - W side Wasserman Football Ctr
Juniperus hybrid cv pfitzeriana 'Glauca' 2m shrub, blue-gray foliage - S wall of Parking 1
Juniperus chinensis *cv 'Torulosa', 5m conifers - along W side of Macgowan Hall
Juncus patens 40cm herb, round unbranched stems - W side of Engineering VI
Juncus effusus pacificus as at SE corner, clusters of tiny brown fls near stem ends - NW corner Eng VI
Juglans californica large and small trees, compound lvs - bank W of walk, W of Anderson
Jasminum mesnyi large scrambling shrub - slope on W side of Canyon Point
Jacaranda mimosifolia deciduous trees - N Campus Student Ctr Terrace
Iris douglasiana 1/2m herb, narrow strap lvs, white fls - Geffen Hall interior courtyard
Ipomoea accuninata(indica) vine, 8cm blue fls, lvs cordate to lobed - fence on S side of De Neve Drive
Ilex x koehneana tall hedge - along N wall of E entrance to Campbell
Ilex x altaclerensis Wilsonii shrubs, large lvs some spiny - on Veteran just N of Gayley, under pines
Ilex pernyi tree - at steps to street on W side of Semel Institute Auditorium
Ilex cornuta cv 'Burfordii', 2 broad trees - on Mathematical Sciences N side near breezeway
Ilex aquifolium hedge - on N side of Murphy, near W end
Hypoestes phyllostachys foliage plant, pink spots on lvs - patio W side Medical Plaza 200
Hypericum calycinum groundcover - S side Terasaki under Dawn Redwood
Hymenosporum flavum trees - SE corner of Life Sciences
Hydrangea macrophylla ½ m herb, 20cm balls of pink to blue fls - W sides Geology & Young Hall
Howea forsteriana palms - CHS Dentistry Court
Houttuynia cordata low herb, heart-shaped lvs, white fls - Reagan Hospital S side
Hibiscus syriacus shrubs, lobed lvs, double white fls - W side of Geology under Magmolias
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 1-2m shrubs, large lvs - E side of Boelter near breezeway
Hibbertia scandens 1m vining shrub, 4cm yellow fls; S side of Dentistry
Heuchera maxima herb, large round lvs, tiny white fls on 1/2 m stalks - N side Engineering VI
Heuchera hybrid herb, tiny fls on 25cm stalks - planter W of Covel Commons
Heteromeles arbutifolia 2m trees, dark foliage, red berries - southern edge of Switzer Plaza
Hesperoyucca whipplei yucca with tall stalks of white fls - on hillside area E of parking lot 10
Hesperaloe parviflora 1m herb, strap lvs with white threads - Anderson Alumni Plaza, SE end
Hemerocallis hybrid 1m tall, yellow fls - NW side of parking lot 36
Hedychium coronarium 1-2m herb, strap lvs, white fls - edge of Stone Cyn Creek, N of Collins
Hedera helix variegated ivy varieties - such as below Bamboo, mid S side of Parking 9
Hedera canariensis ivy covering chain link fence - along campus W edge on Veteran from Sunset to Gayley
Harpullia pendula small tree - in Perloff court, W side
Harpephyllum caffrum large tree - on Schoenberg E side
Handroanthus(Tabebuia) impetiginosa large tree - on S side of Dentistry
Handroanthus(Tabebuia) chrysotricha several trees - on S side of Kaufman
Hakea suaveolens tall shrubs - W side of Westwood-Sunset intersection
Grewia occidentalis shrubs - E side Marion Davies, N of parking structure E
Grevillea victoriae 1/2 m shrub, 5x2 cm lvs, red tubular fls - W side Canyon Point below slope
Grevillea thelemanniana shrubs - W end of S side of Molecular Sciences Bldg
Graptopetalum paraguayense small rosettes of pale fleshy lvs - in pots on E side of Luskin Ctr
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis 8 trees, compound lvs - patio between Melnitz and East Melnitz
Ginkgo biloba row of 6 deciduous trees - NE corner of Hedrick Hall
Gelsemium sempervirens vine - S side of Life Science Bldg on wall at loading dock
Geijera parviflora 3m trees, tan bark, narrow lvs - S side of Bunche around benches
Gazania linearis groundcover, lvs white below - planter on S side of Tennis Stadium
Garrya elliptica cv 'James Roof' shrubs, long gray catkins - E side of Ostin
Gambelia speciosa 1m hirsute shrubs, small lvs, red fls - NE of Strathmore-Young Dr intersection
Furcraea foetida 1m succulent with 10cm wide stiff lvs - W end of court between Geology & Franz
Fuchsia hybrida shrubs, leaf undersides purple - lawn SE of De Neve Commons
Fraxinus uhdei volunteer trees - scattered along W side of Anderson
Frangula(Rhamnus) californica 1/2 m shrubs, dark red berries in Fall - E side of Geffen Hall
Fragaria vesca groundcover, toothed trifoliate lvs - N side Engineering VI
Fragaria chiloensis trifoliate groundcover - N edge of court on N side of Hershey
Foeniculum vulgare lacy, aromatic herbs - along path S of parking lot 10
Ficus rubiginosa *lines of trees - from flagpole E to Murphy on both sides of street
Ficus pumila x carica sprawling groundcover, 10cm lvs - in planter at NE corner Court of Sciences
Ficus pumila small-leaved vine covering building walls - Kinross Bldg South
Ficus mysorensis tall tree - in NE corner of Boelter interior court
Ficus microcarpa broad tree - Young Hall, W side on lawn
Ficus macrophylla large tree - Mathematical Sciences N side
Ficus lyrata 2 potted trees - inside main W entrance to Hedrick Hall
Ficus elastica broad tree - at center of CHS western interior court
Ficus carica young fruit trees, large lobed lvs - NW corner of Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr
Ficus benjamina large tree - SE corner of North Campus Student Ctr, close to bldg
Ficus auriculata tree with large lvs - in Schoenberg NW interior courtyard
Festuca rubra low soft thin-leaved grass - Delta Terrace N side, along walk
Festuca mairei 1/2 m clump grass, taller, narrow whitish seadheads - on slope E side of Doris Stein
Festuca glauca blue grass - raised planter on W side of Courtside Residences
Festuca californica 1/2 m grass, open seedhead, ~6 floret spiklets at branch end - W side Schoenberg
Fargesia robusta 3m bamboo, persistent white culmsheaths - NW edge of Geffen Hall
Euryops pectinatus shrubs - SE corner of Wyton & Young at motorcycle parking
Euphorbia tirucalli shrub, tan to red pencil-like stems - steps to Family Pool, SCRC
Euphorbia milii shrub, thorny stems, fls 2 red bracts - patio W side Med. Plaza 200
Euonymus japonicus cv 'Aureo-Variegata', shrubs, gold centered lvs - SW corner Parking Structure 3
Eucalyptus viminalis large tree - NW corner of Humanities at steps to lawn
Eucalyptus sideroxylon large trees - on Sage Hill SE of parking lot 10
Eucalyptus polyanthemos New small trees, round 4cm diameter lvs - N side of Saxon E
Eucalyptus nicholii trees, aromatic lvs - along N side of Hedrick Summit
Eucalyptus leucoxylon large tree - on E side of parking lot SE side of Murphy
Eucalyptus grandis tree - E of vending machines in Franz/Geology Court
Eucalyptus globulus large tree - along steps N of Sycamore Tennis Courts
Eucalyptus deglupta Single tree - near NE corner of Ueberroth
Eucalyptus cladocalyx *large tree - on W side of Faculty Center
Eucalyptus camaldulensis tall tree - NW of Drake Stadium above slope on street
Eschscholzia californica 25cm mounding herb, gray-green foliage - NE Ostin Basketball Ctr
Escallonia x exoniensis 1m shrub, tubular pink fls - S of Mira Hershey below wall
Escallonia bifida 1m shrubs - along S side of Parking 3
Erythrina x sykesii tree, dark thorns on branches - Physics & Astronomy W side
Erythrina lysistemon large tree, red fls - in Boelter interior court, S side
Erythrina falcata large tree, oval leaflets - NW of SRLS near fence to Veteran
Erythrina coralloides large trees, trifoliate lvs - S side of parking structure 1
Erythrina caffra large trees - Faculty Center E, and SE side on Hilgard
Eriogonum grande rubescens low shrubs, lvs dark above, white below, rose fls - Ostin Basketball Ctr, W side
Eriobotrya japonica small tree - below N end of bridge from Anderson to Fowler
Eriobotrya deflexa four multi-trunked shrubs - in planter SW side of Jacaranda Court - Weyburn Terrace
Erigeron karvinskianus 25cm sprawling herb, 1-2cm white daisy fls - base of slope W of Canyon Point
Equisetum hyemale 1m tall stems - N and W side of Acosta Athletic Ctr
Epipremnum aureum vine, variegated lvs - long narrow raised planters at Weyburn Paseo
Epilobium canum 1/2 m shrub, hairy lvs, red tubular fls; W side of Engineering V
Encelia californica small shrubs, ray fls yellow, 3-lobed - S of Bunche Hall
Elegia(Chondropetalum) tectorum(elephantinum) reeds - S of Semel under row of pear trees
Elaeagnus x ebbingei tall shrubs - on Hilgard E of Law
Ehrharta erecta sprawling grass - W of parking 15
Echium candicans cv 'San Bruno Pink' pink fls variety - also on W side of Haines
Echeveria hybrid basal rosettes of lavender succulent lvs - De Neve Dr near Bellagio
Dymondia margaretae mat groundcover, lvs white below - under oak trees NE of Luskin Conf. Ctr
Duranta erecta cv 'Alba” sm tree, white fls; W side Palm & Olive Crts, Weyburn Terr.
Dracaena reflexa angustifolia 2m thin stems, whorled 20 x 2cm lvs - pot on N side of Covel
Dracaena fragrans 2m 'cornstalk', strap lvs - pot on S side Factor Bldg
Doryanthes palmeri herb, 1m sword-shaped lvs - between N entrance of Geology and S entrance of Franz
Dombeya cacuminum three trees - on N side of W exit of parking structure 1 (amidst Canary Is. Pines)
Dombeya burgessiae Seminole multi-trunked shrub, pink fls - mid N side of Parking Structure 9
Dodonaea viscosa columnar shrubs, 6 x 1 cm papery lvs - below SW corner of Humanities
Distictis x Rivers vine on trellis - S side of Gonda courtyard
Distictis buccinatoria vines on long trellis - along S side of Hedrick Summit
Dietes grandiflora 1m strap-leaf herbs, 3 yellow spots on fls - mid Medical Plaza parking
Dietes bicolor rhizomatous monocots, fls on 1m stems - E side of Jules Stein
Dierama pendulum cv 'Album', herb, strap lvs, hanging white fls - Schoenberg inner court
Dicksonia antarctica 2m tree ferns, dark hairy stems - E side of Hitch A
Dianella tasmanica 1/2 m herb, variegated strap lvs, small pale fls - Boelter Interior Court, N end
Delairea odorata vine growing in ivy - on Wilshire S side parking lot 36
Cyrtomium falcatum ½ m ferns, leaf-like pinnae; in beds above steps on E side of Life Sciences
Cyperus involucratus 1/2 m herb, triangular stem, umbrella-rib-like lvs - along Stone Cyn Creek
Cymbopogon citratus 1m bunch grass, lemony lvs - herb garden behind, Delta Terrace
Cycas revoluta 1m shrubs, broad fronds - in Courtside interior courtyard
Cyathea cooperi tree ferns - interior courtyard on S side of Mathematical Sciences
Cussonia paniculata 2 small trees, deeply lobed cmpd lvs - Schoenberg, W of middle interior courtyard
Cupressus sempervirens double row of trees on E side of Powell
Cupressus arizonica 6m conifer tree, scaly foliage; NW side of Cypress Crt, Weyburn Terrace
Cuphea ignea 1m hedge - at Franz S entrance into Franz-Geology courtyard
Cupaniopsis anacardioides tree - SW of Luvalle Commons on street
Crotalaria agatiflora tall intergrown shrub, trifoliate lvs, yellow fls - Hilgard across form Comstock Ave
Crassula multicava Succulent groundcover - on Hilgard near bus terminal
Crassula argentea Succulent bush - on Hilgard S of Wyton
Cotoneaster lacteus cv 'Parney's Red' shrubs - N side of entrance to underground parking structure 7
Cotoneaster dammeri low groundcover - amidst hedges on W side of Powell Library
Cotinus coggygria three 2m shrubs, purple lvs - SE side of De Neve Commons
Corymbia(Eucalyptus) maculata grove - on lawn E of Boelter
Corymbia(Eucalyptus) ficifolia multi-trunked tree - behind Ucla sign at Sunset & Hilgard
Corymbia(Eucalyptus) citriodora tall open tree, white bark - NE corner of Royce, two more to N
Corylus americana 3m deciduous shrub, multi-stemmed, 10cm lvs - on steps mid S side of Fowler
Cortaderia selloana 2m white-tufted grass - Sage Hill, E of Krieger Child Care Ctr
Correa hybrid cv 'Ivory Bells', u00bdm shrubs, lvs gray below, 4-petal white fls - Ostin SW corner
Cordyline hybrid 2m stems, yellow-striped green lvs - N side NW Campus Auditorium
Coprosma hybrid cv 'Taupata Gold' shrubs, glossy yellow & green lvs - W side Delta Terrace courtyard
Convolvulus arvensis vine, white fls, intergrown with Mexican Feathergrass - Wasserman S side
Commelina diffusa low herb, striped leaf-sheath - across street E of Law Bldg
Coleonema pulchellum shrubs, 10 x 1mm lvs, pink fls - top of S-most stair, Drake Stadium seating
Coleonema album 1/2 m shrubs, needle-like lvs, tiny white fls - Schoenberg S interior crt
Coffea arabica three columnar 2m trees - Reagan Hospital SE side
Codiaeum variegatum colorful, large-leafed herbs - in 4 pots at S entrance to Canyon Point
Cocculus laurifolius trees with three-veined lvs - at Franz NE entrance, on W side of steps
Clytostoma(Bignonia) callistegioides vine - on E-facing brick wall at SE corner of Terasaki
Clivia miniata herbs - long bed along N side of Wasserman Bldg
Citrus hybrids 4 young trees - in bed between Sproul and Delta
Cistus x purpureus 1 m shrub, narrow lvs, purple fls with red spot - Reagan Hospital, S side
Cistus incana 1.5m shrub, fuzzy lvs, 3cm pink fls - Sage Hill across road from Krieger
Cissus rhombifolia groundcover - in five of the eight raised planters on S side of Bunche at street
Cissus antarctica vine, 9 x 6cm lvs, tendrils - SRLF, near NE corner
Cinnamomum camphora long row of trees - along E side of Gayley from Hospital to Bradley
Chlorophytum comosum variegated groundcover vine - E side of Royce Hall
Chionanthus retusus trees - De Neve Plaza especially along N side
Chilopsis linearis young staked 3m trees, large pink fls - Engineering VI, W side
Chamaerops humilis 3m multi-trunk fan palms - N side Life Sciences at entrance
Chamaedorea metallica 1m palms, shiny broad fish-tail lvs - both ends of Bunche interior court
Chamaedorea elegans palms - under tall palms at entrance & exit to Medical Plaza parking
Chamaedorea costaricana 2m bamboo-like palms - in middle of CHS Dentistry Court
Chaenomeles x superba 1m deciduous shrub, 2cm red fls - S side of Sculpture Garden
Cestrum nocturnum tall shrub - at SW corner of loading dock area between Covel and Courtside Suites
Cercis occidentalis several small trees - on slope NW of Magnolia Court u2013 Weyburn Terrace
Cercis canadensis cv 'Forest Pansy' purple-leaf trees - encircling N end of Engineering V
Ceratonia siliqua tree - E of Law, another E of Murphy
Cephalotaxus harringtonia prostrate shrubs - beneath Cornell Grove sign on Young Drive North
Centranthus ruber subshrubs, showy red fl clusters - raised planter W side Delta Terr. courtyard
Ceiba(Chorisia) speciosa three trees - at entrance to underground parking at SW corner of Reagan Hospital
Cedrus deodara cv 'Electra', 3m tree, silver-blue foliage - S side of Switzer Plaza
Cedrus atlantica -Glauca- 3m tree, blue foliage - raised planter on E side of Switzer Plaza
Ceanothus spinosus 2m thorny shrub - Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr, California native garden, NE of Family Pool
Ceanothus hybrid cv 'Dark Star' 1/2 m shrubs, small lvs, dark blue fls - Switzer Plaza S end
Ceanothus griseus cv 'Yankee Point' low shrubs, blue fls - N of Law Bldg on street
Catharanthus hybrid 1/2 m bushy herb, 2cm white fls - under trees E of Boelter Hall
Casuarina cunninghamiana two small trees - on N side Aloe Court-Weyburn Terrace
Cassia leptophylla trees, yellow fls - on lawn on E side of Public Affairs Bldg
Carpobrotus chilensis Succulent groundcover - slope NW of Saxon-E at road
Carpenteria californica two 1m shrubs, white fls; - Engineering VI, E side behind bench
Carissa macrocarpa 1-2m shrubs, white narrow-petal fls - NW corner of Parking Structure 9
Carex praegracilis 30cm rhizomatous grass-like sedge - E side of Switzer Plaza
Carex divulsa 1m recumbent triangular stems - De Neve Gardenia, N side along walkway
Canna indica 1m herb, large lvs, erect red fls; mid Boelter interior courtyard
Camellia sasanqua shrubs - along Bruin Walk steps, N of Kerckhoff
Camellia reticulata *cv 'Arcadia' shrub - in camellia garden at NW corner of Fowler Museum
Camellia japonica cv 'Silver Waves' shrub, white semi-double fls - W side Marion Davies
Calycanthus occidentalis 1m deciduous shrubs, large lvs, red fls - NE corner Engineering VI
Calodendrum capense large rounded tree - on S side of Sunset between Marymount and Royce Drive
Calocedrus decurrens 6m tree, scale-like foliage - S side of Parking DD near Gayley
Callistemon viminalis tree - on N side of North Campus Student Ctr
Callistemon citrinus cv 'Little John' dwarf bottlebrush shrubs - on S wall of Law
Calliandra tweedii 2 m shrubs, bipinnate lvs - below SE corner of Murphy along steps
Calliandra haematocephala shrubs - on S side of parking structure 2
Calandrinia spectabilis rosettes of sm succulent lvs, tall stems, blue fls - SE corner of Tennis Stadium
Buxus microphylla japonica low hedge - W wall of IPAM, Portola Plaza Bldg
Buddleja davidii 1m shrubs, lvs white below, cones of purple fls - patio on SE corner of Bradley
Buchloe dactyloides cv 'U C Verde' 15cm prairie turfgrass - E and W sides of Geffen Hall
Brunfelsia pauciflora shrubs - along walkway on S side of parking structure 8
Brugmansia hybrid tall shrub, large hanging white fls - N side Rieber Vista at entrance
Brassica nigra open, 1m herb, yellow fls - along E side of parking lot 10
Brahea edulis palms, 2m pinnate fronds - N side of Hedrick Hall
Brachychiton populneus three 4m trees, 7 cm oval to lobed lvs - S side of Acosta/Knapp bldg
Brachychiton discolor three large trees behind UCLA sign - at corner of Veteran and Gayley
Bouteloua gracilis grass, 4cm horizontal spikelets - SW sides of Ostin Basketball Ctr
Bougainvillea hybrid hedge - along median strip between Dickson Court N and Dickson Court S
Bothriochloa barbinodis 1m grass, nodes white hairy - Court of Sciences Student Ctr, rooftop
Bocconia frutescens 2m shrub, deeply lobed lvs, small petal-less fls - Ostin, N of Cafe
Bignonia capreolata vine, bifoliate lvs, tendrils, 5cm red fls - Northwest Campus Auditorium, NW corner
Betula nigra small single or multi-trunk trees, tan papery bark, triangular lvs - N side of Saxon G
Beschorneria yuccoides succulent herb, 1/2 m strap lvs, 1-2m red stem, red bracts - W side of Wasserman
Bergenia crassifolia herb with round succulent lvs - bed W of Hedrick W entrance
Berberis repens low shrubs, leaf margins spiny, yellow fls - N side Geffen Academy
Berberis aquifolium low shrubs, yellow fls - N of Jules Stein along walk
Begonia hybrid low herbs, round, dark lvs, white to red fls - raised planter Weyburn Paseo
Beaumontia grandiflora trellis vine - on N side of James West Alumni Ctr
Bauhinia x blakeana *trees - SE corner Bunche Hall along walkway
Bauhinia variegata candida 4 trees - on raised planter between Life Sciences and Neuroscience Research
Bauhinia variegata two trees - on slope of Fowler Amphitheater, SW corner of Fowler
Barleria repens low shrub, soft lvs, tubular red fls - N side of Ostin Music Ctr
Barleria obtusa 1m shrub, lvs soft hairy - W wall of Schoenberg southern interior crt
Bambusa vulgaris cv 'Vittata' bamboo - at main entrance to Krieger Child Care Ctr
Bambusa textilis tall bamboo, new culms glacous blue - Geffen Hall, Interior Crt and N side
Bambusa oldhamii bamboo clumps - between Young Dr North & Sunset
Bambusa multiplex cv 'Alphonso-Karr', vertical green stripes on yellow stems - W side Acosta, S end
Baccharis salicifolia 3m shrub, male - E side of Chemistry Loading Dock
Baccharis pilularis shrubs - on Sage Hill slope to SW of parking lot 11
Aucuba japonica 1m shrub, 15cm yellow-speckled lvs - E side Hedrick Hall under palm
Asplenium bulbiferum low fern, finely cut fronds bearing plantlets - Reagan Chinese Herb Bed
Aspidistra elatior 30cm dark green-leafed herb - Boelter Interior Court
Asparagus densiflorus cv 'Sprengeri' trailing herb - N side Marion Daves
Artemisia pycnocephala 'David's Choice', herb, 30cm ball, fine gray foliage - Ostin W side
Artemisia douglasiana 1m herbs with silvery leaf-undersides - near stream, W of Anderson
Artemisia californica cv 'Canyon Gray' low shrubs - in garden at SE corner of Molecular Sciences Bldg
Artemisia 'Powis Castle' 1m herb mound, soft white foliage - Medical Plaza above parking area
Aristea ecklonii 1/2 m herb, Iris-like small blue fls - S side Weyburn Palm Crt along steps
Arctostaphylos hybrid low shrubs, tiny white urn fls - SE end of Crt of Sciences Student Ctr
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana six 3m palms, 1m feather-fronds - E side of Engineering VI
Arbutus x Marina small trees, small pinkish fls - raised planter on N side of Luskin Center
Arbutus unedo tall hedge of trimmed trees - at Royce N entrance
Araucaria heterophylla two trees - on slope on W side of Canyon Point Residences
Aptenia Red Apple low mats of small succulent lvs, red fls - Ueberroth Bldg, SW corner
Antigonon leptopus vine - on fence along walk on E side of Rieber Hall (above Sproul Cove)
Anigozanthos hybrid 1m monocot, strap lvs, red fls - SW corner Wasserman
Anigozanthos flavidus 1m herb, long narrow lvs - raised planter W of Bradley
Angophora costata large smooth-barked tree with ribbed capsules - between Bunche & Campbell
Anemone hupehensis japonica 1m tall herb, tri-foliate lvs; NW of Engineering VI near Ackerman
Alyogyne huegelii 4 small trees, blue fls; De Neve Evergreen, N side
Alstroemeria hybrid 30cm herb, inner petals barred, many colors - E side of Ashe under Fig trees
Alpinia zerumbet 2m herbs, large lvs - entrance to Parking 9 from N side
Aloe vera * succulent - Mexican Herb Garden, S side of Reagan Hospital
Aloe striata herb, flat pale succulent lvs - Wooden Ctr, 2nd floor balcony
Aloe sabaea gray-stemmed succulent, pale draped lvs - W side Ostin
Aloe kedongensis 1m herb, succulent narrow toothed lvs - NE of Saxon Commons
Aloe hybrid cv 'Grassy Lassie' low succulent, dark narrow lvs, orange fls - W side Ostin
Aloe arborescens Succulent - along steps E of Sunset Cyn Rec Ctr Family Pool
Alocasia odora 2m herb, huge 1m leaves - Schoenberg, N interior courtyard
Alnus rhombifolia deciduous tree - W side of Public Affairs Bldg
Albizia julibrissin small trees - bipinnate lvs, pink fls - SW corner of Murphy Hall
Agonis flexuosa flat-topped tree, narrow lvs - at NW corner of Covel Commons
Ageratina adenophora shrubs, triangular lvs - W of parking 15
Agave vilmoriniana herb, deeply concave, spineless succulent lvs - Wooden Ctr 2nd floor balcony
Agave victoriae-reginae dense 30cm succulent ball, white-edged lvs - S side Powell Library
Agave sisalana cv 'Mediopicta' variegated herb - Hilgard S of bus shelter
Agave parryi blue-green succulent lvs, spiny teeth along margins - Wooden Ctr balcony
Agave hybrid rosettes of thick blue-green lvs - Bradley Hall, Ahmanson interior court
Agave guiengola low succulent, pale, broad, 30cm long lvs - NE side Broad near street under trees
Agave desmetiana 1m rosettes, succulent, yellow edged lvs; NE side parking 8 on Strathmore
Agave attenuata x shawii cv 'Blue Flame' 40cm succulent - on upper level of Court of Sciences Student Ctr
Agave attenuata 1/2 m herb, white-variegated rosettes - E side of SV Parking Structure
Agave angustifolia cv 'Marginata' succulent - planter on SW corner Drake Stadium upper level
Agave americana cv 'Cornelius' small variegated succulent - S side Reagan Hospital
Agapanthus praecox orientalis herb, strap lvs - S side of Kaufman
Afrocarpus gracilior *trees - along W side of Geology and Young
Aeonium hybrid broad erect succulent rosettes, white fls - Wooden Ctr 2nd floor patio
Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum ½ m erect succulent with purple lvs - small bed W of Sproul Hall
Adiantum capillis-veneris 20cm clump fern, finely-divided foliage, dark wiry stems - Reagan Hospital SE side
Acorus gramineus yellow grass-like herb - SE of De Neve Gardenia on Gayley
Achillea tomentosa herb, gray-green foliage, yellow fls - S side of Bunche Hall
Achillea millefolium 20cm herb, fine divided lvs, white fls - W side of Engineering VI
Acer palmatum deciduous tree - Sunset Canyon Recreation Center near entrance
Acca(Feijoa) sellowiana shrubs, 6cm lvs silvery below, red fls - S side of Aloe Court, Weyburn Terrace
Acanthus mollis herb - Boelter interior court, N end
Acacia redolens 1m bushy shrubs - on N side of Bradley Hall S
Acacia melanoxylon tall trees & seedlings - N of Krieger along fence to Sunset Blvd
Acacia longissima sm tree, 10cm x 2mm lvs(phyllodes), white fls - SCRC, W of Spieker
Acacia longifolia tall hedge - on Hilgard E and NE of Guest House
Acacia cyclops trees - on N and W sides of Sycamore Park tennis courts
Acacia cultriformis 3m trees, triangular lvs, yellow fls - SE of J. West Alumni Ctr
Abutilon pictum cv 'Thompsonii' 1/2 m shrubs, yellow speckled lvs, orange fls - planter W of Sproul Hall
Abutilon hybrid cv 'Albus', 3m trees, white fls - NW corner Orthopaedic Hospital Research Center
Abelia x grandiflora hedges - at vending machines on S side of Drake Stadium