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Our merchandise features an artistic rendering of four species in the diverse Clarkia genus. These designs are the brand identity of the UCLA Mathias Botanical Garden, developed by Little Big Brands

Why Clarkia?

The Garden’s logo beautifully depicts four Clarkia species native to California. These flowers, one of which is known as “Farewell to Spring” (Clarkia amoena), bloom in stunning shades of pink, purple, white, and red. Clarkia flowers are essential to pollination, attracting a range of native bee species and Clark’s sphinx moth (Proserpinus clarkiae). By planting these flowers in your garden, you can create a vibrant and thriving ecosystem that supports the natural world around us.

The genus Clarkia is named after the explorer Captain William Clark. Unfortunately, the Lewis and Clark expedition is an example of the historical erasure of African Americans from botanical discovery. York, an enslaved expedition member, made significant scientific contributions as an early explorer of the American West.

Currently, there is a local movement in the native plant community to rename the genus Clarkia to Yorkia in recognition of York’s important role in Western knowledge of Clarkia. Here at the UCLA Mathias Botanical Garden, we recognize and appreciate York’s contributions to the study of Clarkia.

Check out the images of Clarkia and bees below.