Leaf emergence: a sharp projection is from the blade or petiole of a leaf, most commonly arising on the top or bottom of a principal vein or along the petiole. A modification of this could be the spinose leaf margin, in which teeth along the leaf edge become hard and sharp.


  1. Emergences on a bromeliad leaf, a type of spinose leaf margin; another example
  2. Emergences on the upper side of a leaf blade, Acanthus
  3. Succulent leaves of the genus Faucaria
  4. Spinose leaf tip and lobes of a thistle, Circium
  5. A species of Cissus from Australia
  6. A species of Solanum from tropical America; another species
  7. Emergences at the leaf base of the palm genus Acrocomia; another view
  8. Backward-pointing emergences along the rachis of a coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli
  9. Sharp emergences on the succulent leaves of an aloe (another example)
  10. Spinose leaflet margin of a species of Oregon-grape or mahonia, Berberis; B. trifoliolata
  11. Stem and rachis emergences on a native Hawaiian species of Rubus
  12. A species of Aloe has a spine-like emergences along the leaf margins
  13. Spinose leaflet tip and margin of a cycad, Encephalartos horridus
  14. Spinose leaf margin of the umbellifer Eryngium; another view

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